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Innobiz The 5-year Innobiz warranty

Garantie 5 ans
5-year warranty
remplacement à neuf
New replacement
sans preuve d'achat
Without proof of purchase
remplacement 72h
Replacement within 72 hours
reexpedition au client
Possible reshipment directly to the customer
Réduction empreinte carbone
Carbon footprint reduction

1- 5-year warranty on all diffusers

Where Innobiz makes the difference is in its implementation methods: simple, exclusive, fast for distributors and leading to greater customer satisfaction.

Garantie 5ans
Customer satisfaction

With the lowest failure rate on the market and a certified and audited production process, Innobiz has set up a warranty system that is particularly advantageous for distributors.


An extended warranty over time

The warranty imposed by law, payable by the seller, is two years after the delivery of a given product. The one offered by Innobiz is 5 years, from the date of receipt of the diffuser by the end customer.

Innobiz makes every effort to constantly improve the quality of its products. However, any technical product is never 100% safe from a possible flaw. As a result, Innobiz innovates by being the only supplier of essential oil diffusers warrantying its products for 5 years, but also by simplifying and accelerating the activation of the warranty.

A warranty designed to facilitate your customer relationship:

An exclusive warranty including reimbursement for new or replacement of defective products.

A warranty mechanism that is simple to implement.

A warranty that facilitates the After-Sales Service of the distributor.

A warranty extended over 5 years where the competition is confined to the legal duration of 2 years.

A quick solution that does not require the return of the product (action time of less than 72 hours).

2- Ultra-simplified and fast warranty

The Innobiz warranty process shines with its simplicity. In a usual after-sales service scheme, a distributor receives his customer's complaint, asks him to return the product, in turn returns the product to the manufacturer and waits for the latter's reaction. This process can take several weeks sometimes.

With our competitors

The customer calls

You verify their request

The customer sends his proof of purchase

The customer sends his product

You send the product to the manufacturer

The manufacturer returns the product to you

You return the product to the customer

> 15 days

Your warranty at Innobiz

The customer calls you and sends you a video of the product

You transfer his request to Innobiz

Innobiz returns the product to you or directly to the customer

3 days

3- Scope of warranty

With Innobiz you benefit from the legal warranty of conformity for 5 years.

The warranty covers 3 areas:

The warranty covers 3 areas:

lack of conformity: i.e. any situation which renders the diffuser unusable upon receipt, any discrepancy between the description of the product and the final product received and any manufacturing defect noted on delivery of the product;

hidden defects: i.e. any defect of the product which will only appear later, during its use;

breakdowns and malfunctions of the diffuser that are not due to an external event such as a fall of the product, misuse, or poor maintenance.

Cases not covered by the warranty:

The warranty offered by Innobiz does not apply when the origin of the breakdown or malfunction is unrelated to the product itself.

Thus, the warranty is not intended to apply in the case:

an impact suffered by the diffuser (example: the user has dropped the diffuser);

improper use of the product, not in accordance with the instructions for use or lack of maintenance

force majeure (flood, lightning, etc.).

4- Benefits for all

The warranty offered by Innobiz therefore benefits all the protagonists:


  • You are relieved of a large part of the after-sales service: you save time, but also money (in particular the cost of reshipping essential oil diffusers).
  • You improve your image towards the customer: by the speed of the handling of his complaint and by the simplicity of the proofs.

Innobiz works with the distributor for the final customer satisfaction

As a reputable distributor, you can also make the case for environmental friendliness, as a carbon saving is achieved by not transporting the faulty diffuser again as part of its return.

End customer

The end customer greatly appreciates benefiting from a quick and easy After-Sales Service. This generates very good customer reviews and real satisfaction.

By not recovering the defective product and by limiting the carbon impact, you offer the customer the possibility of keeping replacement spare parts (electric charger, glassware, accessories,) and thus increase repairability.

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