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Frequently asked questions - FAQ

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Supplier of essential oil diffusers

> How do you choose a manufacturer/ supplier for essential oil diffusers? Which points should you check?

> What are the warranty conditions?

> Where are the products made?

> What are the quality guarantees?

> What are the ethical guarantees?

> How do you process a return with after-sales service?

> How do you order spare parts?

> Where are you located and how can I contact you?

Sale of essential oil diffusers

> What merchandising should be set-up for the sale of essential oils?

> What sales displays are available for the distribution of essential oils?

> How do we train our salesmen?

> What are the legal conditions for the sale of essential oils?

Assorted diffusers essential oils

> What are the different diffuser technologies?

> What are the differences between the different types of diffusers?

> Why do we need to add water to some diffusers and not in others?

> What are the advantages and disadvantages of diffusing essential oils with water, versus pure essential oils?

> Who is the essential oil diffuser for?

> I am an aromatherapist, can I offer diffusers to my clients?

> I am a masseuse; can I offer diffusers to my clients?

> I am a naturopath; can I offer diffusers to my clients?

> We are a SPA; can we offer diffusers to our customers?

> I am a kinesiologist; can I offer diffusers to my clients?

> What is the best solution for diffusing essential oils?

> What other products does Innobiz provide for essential oils?

> What are the essential oil solutions to keep mosquitoes away?

> With which ranges of essential oil diffusers should we start?

> Which essential oils should we choose to start with?

> What order frequency should I put in place?

Sale and delivery of essential oil diffusers

> How do I know when my product has been shipped?

> How is my order processed?

> What are the shipping costs?

> What is the delivery time?

> I am not in France, how does it work?

Innobiz customer account - Order essential oil diffusers

> I created my account but I do not have access to the rates?

> How do I change my password?

> What are the payment terms?

> How do I create my account?

> Why create my account?

General overview

> Why choose essential oils instead of chemical fragrances?

> Why choose essential oils instead of scented candles?

> What are the prospects for this market?

> How do you diffuse essential oils in large areas? Shops, spa, office, ...

> Who are the types of customers?