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Here to help you develop your own aromatherapy range

Are you looking for a partner to create an aromatherapy range for your brand?

The entire Innobiz team is here so you can use its expertise to put together a high-performance offer that will meet your customers’ specific needs.

Customised to create your aromatherapy range

Customise an existing diffuser 

Choose from our catalogue (the largest on the aromatherapy market) the essential oil diffuser(s) you need.

We’ll define together the modifications to be made (diffuser technology, design, technical features). And we’ll personalise it with your brand codes: colours, logo, graphic charter. From marking or engraving to packaging and technical instructions.

Develop a unique diffuser

Do you want to create a unique diffuser for your brand? Do your customers have specific needs you want to meet?

Our R&D team is always ready to take on new challenges. We’re experts in all diffusion technologies, from the simplest to the most technical.

We have a strong taste for beautiful materials (wood, aluminium, ceramic, etc.) and sustainable choices (maximum repairability).

It's up to you to set the specifications and we manufacture your custom-made diffuser


Easily customize your essential oil diffuser in the colors of your graphic charter


Make your diffuser unique by integrating your logo, your brand or any other sign


Possibility of inserting engravings on your essential oil diffuser (raised, hollow, etc.)


The shape of the packaging is fully customizable according to your convenience, as well as the information on it (photos and texts)

Instructions manuals

For greater personalization of your diffuser, the instructions can be produced in the name of your company.

Why choose Innobiz to develop your aromatherapy range?

  • The trust of an expert partner
    For nearly 20 years, we’ve been developing white-label diffusers for the largest pharmaceutical laboratories and well-being professionals. We’re also the European leaders in aromatherapy.

  • Guaranteed quality
    Our diffusers are designed to last and comply with all the regulations in force (CE, EMC and DEEE standards (link to expertise page)). We provide you with all the technical and regulatory documents you need for marketing your diffusers.

  • The reliability of a distribution professional
    We control the entire production chain right up to distribution: we guarantee fast delivery times (within 48 hours) and responsive restocking worldwide.

Benefit from long-term support with Innobiz

  • The guarantee of an all-inclusive after-sales service
    All our diffusers are guaranteed for 5 years. And we provide a 100% after-sales service. In the event of a breakdown, we take care of supplying a spare part, repairing the diffuser or delivering a new diffuser within 48 hours.

  • Your range from A to Z
    We also offer a wide range of handpicked essential oils, essential oil synergies, hydrosols and home fragrances.

  • Communication kit
    We support our products with communication kits that simplify the marketing of your diffusers (manuals, videos, etc.).
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