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Who are we ?

For 20 years, Innobiz has been designing and manufacturing essential oil diffusion solutions to share the benefits of aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy & technology: the Innobiz love story

Can you be passionate about plants and technology at the same time? This is the very DNA of Innobiz. And that of its founder: Pierre-Emmanuel Thuret.
In 2004, he created Innobiz with a desire to use the best technology to serve aromatherapy. His mission: to make aromatherapy both powerful and accessible.
Surrounded by a team of experts (researchers, designers, aromatherapists), he’s since then explored the infinite potential of essential oils and developed effective, beautiful and intuitive methods of diffusion.

Designed in France

Innobiz was born in the south of France. It’s near Montpellier that the brand produces its new essential oil diffusers. This is also where it created its network of local organic essential oil partners to offer a whole range of essential oils, hydrosols and scented mists.

The benchmark in aromatherapy diffusion

Today, we’re the European leaders in the diffusion of essential oils. How did we get here? Because we’re agile, curious and love innovation. For 20 years, we’ve worked for the largest pharmaceutical laboratories and white label well-being professionals.

The values that drive us every day

  • Expertise

    Essential oils are both powerful and delicate. Our research and development team creates diffusion methods to maximise their benefits. From the simplest to the most high-tech, we master all diffusion technologies to respond effectively to your well-being needs.

  • Accessibility

    Nature provides us with extraordinary resources. Our mission is to make them accessible to everyone, thanks to aromatherapy. We develop essential oil diffusers that are both technical and efficient, but always simple and intuitive so you can enjoy the best nature offers in just a few simple actions.

  • Design

    Doing good is our mission here at Innobiz. And we would add beauty to this. Aromatherapy inspires us. It’s sensory in essence. Our designers create each diffuser with the greatest care. So that they meet the current codes or those of your brand. Our signature: clean, elegant lines, intelligent shapes adapted to each type of use.

  • Commitment

    We work every day to reduce our environmental impact. We choose noble, durable materials (wood, ceramic, aluminium). We ensure maximum repairability of our diffusers. We guarantee availability of spare parts over the long term. We create second-life packaging.

our team

Pierre-Emmanuel THURET

Pierre-Emmanuel Thuret
Creative Founder

My mission at Innobiz: I pilot, I invent, I manage, I share. I’m fuelled by creativity, discovery and a plethora of projects.

  • What excites me: seeing one of my ideas grow and gradually become a drawing, a 3D model, a prototype, and then, a product that’s a hit with customers!
  • My favourite essential oil: tea tree, which can sort out all manner of ills.

Pierre Italia
Swiss army knife for the web

Here at Innobiz, I have many strings to my bow: web manager, I’m responsible for the information system (from orders to organic certification) and flows. I set up all the tools to offer you the perfect service.

  • What really gives me a boost: the pleasure of designing and distributing useful, environmentally friendly products. As well as the energy that bubbles up when embarking on new projects with my colleagues.
  • My favourite essential oil: exotic verbena, soothing and refreshing, which provides a feeling of profound well-being.

Léa Martinez
Marketing chief and data expert

Here at Innobiz, I take care of everything related (directly or indirectly) to marketing. My mission: to increase adoption of our incredible diffusers by as many people as possible. From creating newsletters, new offers and video content, I bring to life everything that will simplify the sale of our products.

  • What I like most: following the life cycle of a diffuser from A to Z, from consideration and prototyping to making it available on your shelves or website.
  • My favourite essential oil: white grapefruit essential oil for its fresh, tangy side.

Simon Desbuisson
Travelling sales rep

I’m the contact for our suppliers and customers, and I love it! I coordinate purchasing and restocking with our suppliers and source the innovations of tomorrow. And above all, I’m your contact for manufacturing diffusers in your colours.

  • What excites me: aromatherapy and being at the heart of sustainable development by selling healthy, efficient products.
  • My favourite essential oil: peppermint essential oil for its refreshing, invigorating combination.
Quentin REGIPA

Quentin Regipa
Enthusiastic adviser

Here at Innobiz, I help you put together the essential oil diffuser offer that best suits your point of sale. From constructing your range to delivering the products to your store or warehouse.

  • What I love: being in contact with men and women who spread aromatherapy to as many people as possible. I’ll direct you to the products best suited to your needs and yours alone.
  • My favourite essential oil: bay laurel essential oil for its incredible confidence boosting effect.

Octavie Argence
Graphic designer

Here at Innobiz, I add plants to all product packaging. I take care of visual communication so that our essential oil diffusers are the most attractive and elegant.

  • What gives me energy: learning and discovering new things, in any field!
  • My favourite essential oil: true lavender and lavandin essential oil, so authentic and revitalising.

our expertise

European leader in the diffusion of essential oils, we put our technical excellence at the service of well-being professionals. Laboratories, pharmacies, retailers, wholesalers, e-commerce sites, therapists, care establishments and training organisations: we’ve set up a 5-star service for you. Whether you want to create a complete aromatherapy range in your colours or simply distribute our solutions...


For nearly 20 years, we’ve specialised in aromatherapy. And we team up with pharmacists who are experts in aromatherapy. We also work with a network of the highest-quality essential oil producers in our region. We share our knowledge in white papers accessible to everyone online.

> For you, it guarantees you can benefit from the expertise of a trusted partner.

A passion for technology

For almost 20 years, we’ve been passionate about technology. We master all methods for the diffusion of essential oils. And our research and development team works hard to innovate. An example? The development of ultra-nebulisation, an exclusive mode of diffusion that preserves the properties of essential oils and optimises each drop diffused.

> For you, it guarantees you’ll find the technology that best meets the needs of your target audience.


We operate as a white label for many well-being professionals. Our flexibility and responsiveness are the preferred qualities of our partners. For them (and for you as well soon, perhaps!), we create diffusers to match their image. We provide our catalogue of diffusers to freely compose your own aromatherapy offer.

> For you, it’s the promise of quality support to create your well-being ranges over the long term, if you wish!

Professional distribution

We’ve developed all the tailor-made services to meet the needs of professionals. Fast delivery times, after-sales service included, orders with no minimum, educational instructions and communication kit for each diffuser. Yes, making aromatherapy accessible to everyone means first of all making life easier for you.

> For you, it’s the reassurance of working with a partner who’s always at your service.


Obviously, our essential oil diffusers are designed in compliance with the legislation and regulations in force:

  • The CE standard (European conformity of the product to health, safety, performance and environmental protection legislation).
  • The EMC directive (no electromagnetic pollution).
  • WEEE regulations (collection, depollution and dismantling of waste electrical and electronic equipment).
  • The RoHS directive (elimination of the use of hazardous substances in the production process).

> For you, it’s the guarantee of offering high-quality diffusers.

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