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Explode your goals, not the planet

Are we committed here at Innobiz? Every day, a little more. Because it just makes sense.

Our mission is to make aromatherapy accessible to as many people as possible. Because we believe that you can introduce little puffs of nature everywhere, all the time. Even if you live in the city, even if you spend your day behind the wheel, even when you're running after time...

So yes, nature is what’s important to us...

Our diffusers are eco-designed: we guarantee their environmental performance at each stage of their life cycle.

Durable materials

We have a weakness for beautiful, durable materials: wood, ceramics, aluminium, glass, cork, bamboo... Whenever possible, we include them in the design of our products. We always prefer biodegradable, recyclable materials.

Smart packaging

We constantly seek to optimise the impact of our packing and packaging. We make them from recycled paper and cardboard. We print them with vegetable inks. And, wherever possible, we invent a second life for them in your home. The goal: upcycling!

"Do what we say, say what we do."

Organic essential oils

We’ve set up a network of farming partners in the south of France who supply us with essential oils of organic origin of the highest quality.

Our responsibility: repairability

We’re the only manufacturers on the market to guarantee our essential oil diffusers for 5 years. How is that possible? Because we build in repairability right from the design of our products. And we guarantee the availability of each part over time.

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