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Neolia: Diffuser by nebulisation


New product

The Neolia diffuser is a powerful essential oil diffuser that allows direct diffusion from the bottle. It works with most bottles, is programmable and preserves the properties of the essential oils diffused.

More details

Data sheet

Power supplyDC 5v - 1A
Product height13,2 cm
Product widthø 8,8 cm
Depth of the productø 8,8 cm
Product weight404 g
Recommended retail price (TTC) recommended by the manufacturer69.95
Maximum diffusion area100 m2
Manufacturer Warranty5 years
Packaging dimension11,5 cm x 14,8 cm x 24,3 cm
EAN Code3700471001298

More info

The Neolia diffuser is a true revolution! Thanks to its EasyFuzz technology, the Neolia diffuser is very practical; no need to refill your essential oil dispensers! No more refills or daily cleaning. Top-of-the-range and powerful, the Neolia will diffuse your essential oils over large areas while retaining their properties thanks to its nebulisation diffusion technology. Now, simply connect your bottle to the device and enjoy all the benefits of essential oils.

You can also control the Néolia’s diffusion by setting the stop and operation time over a total diffusion time. For example, you can programme 10 seconds of diffusion (ON TIMER) and 30 seconds off (OFF TIMER) over 60 minutes (TIMING)

Adjustable and silent, the Neolia diffuser has a large diffusion area (it’s perfectly adapted to diffuse in large-volume rooms thanks to its very effective operation). Thanks to its nebulisation technology, the micro-droplets are distributed across a room of up to 100m² for several hours.

Operating principle of the Neolia diffuser

For information, nebulisation is the action of spraying a liquid in micro-droplets through a nebuliser. The pump sends air into the glass container. This air projects the essential oils against the glass. The glass nebuliser then creates a cloud of micro-droplets that disperse throughout the room.

The principle of nebulisation is based on the Venturi technique. In the nebulisation chamber, a high-speed airflow sprays the essential oils stored in the base of the glass container in micro-droplets. The lighter micro-droplets come out into the surrounding air via the cap. This cap has two functions: sound level reduction and diffusion axis. The largest drops fall back, to be sprayed again as micro-droplets.

Each glass container is hand-blown and so considered a unique piece. Each one is checked to ensure its nebulising power.

Features of the Neolia diffuser

  • Functions: Programmable diffusion
  • Diffusion time: Adjustable frequency and duration
  • Power: 3W
  • Other: Direct diffusion from the bottle

The box contains

  • a NEOLIA diffuser
  • including the pump
  • the programmer
  • a nebulisation cap (a nozzle) and its nozzle with empty bottle.
  • a second replacement nebuliser cap and nozzle with empty bottle.
  • a mains adapter and USB cable.

The diffuser instructions

Assembling the Neolia diffuser

To assemble the diffuser, first remove the dropper from your bottle of essential oils. Screw the diffusion nozzle onto your essential oil bottle and clip the diffusion nozzle into the device. Finally, set the diffusion frequency over a chosen period.

User tips for the Neolia diffuser

Works with all essential oil bottles on the market.

Read the instructions carefully before use.

Looking after your Neolia diffuser

To clean your diffuser, start by emptying out the essential oils. Then, pour in 1 tablespoon of diffuser cleaner and operate your diffuser for 3 to 5 minutes. You can clean your diffuser once or twice a month, depending on how you use it and the essential oils you use. Then, empty out the excess cleaner. Now, you can use your diffuser again.

When not using your diffuser for more than two weeks, remember to put it in a dust-free place and have it cleaned later.

The pump requires no maintenance.

As part of our eco-friendly approach, we have developed a cleaner that is recyclable. After use, you can recover the cleaning liquid mixed with essential oils to put back in the original bottle. Even with essential oils in the cleaner, it retains its full effectiveness.

Precautions for using your Neolia diffuser

Do not activate the diffuser in the presence of children under 3 years or pregnant women. In a child's room, we recommend that you do it when they are not there, and at least 30 minutes before they come in.


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