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Do you have an eye for selecting products that hit the mark and have you made it part of your job? Do you have a well-being-oriented retail website? Are you on the lookout for high-impact products? Diffusion solutions for essential oils validated by lots of customer reviews? Do you want to create a unique aromatherapy offer for your customers?

For you, we’ve set up a simple, flexible, lightweight solution. In a word: you create your own catalogue of essential oil diffusers and we’ll manage everything from A to Z. 

For web professionals, we’ve created the most flexible formula possible: 

  • The most complete catalogue of diffusers on the market
    We’re the European leaders in essential oil diffusion. For almost 20 years, we’ve been supplying the biggest brands with aromatherapy diffusion solutions that are as efficient as they are stylish.
  • Aromatherapy expertise
    Of course, we offer all possible diffusion methods: by ventilation, nebulisation, ultra-nebulisation, ultrasonic, gentle heat… Because we’re passionate about aromatherapy and technology.
  • Efficiency and creativity
    We develop diffusers adapted to all needs.A discreet diffuser for the bedroom? A light diffuser for the living room? A portable diffuser for the car? A little gem to keep with you? Our mission is to make aromatherapy accessible wherever and whenever you want it.
  • A wide range of prices
    Accessibility means price. And this is one of our strengths: with us, you’ll find a whole range of prices to put together the most suitable aromatherapy catalogue for your target audience.

E-commerce professionals: how can we make it easier for you to sell essential oil diffusers on your website?

  • Total freedom. You select the diffusers you want on our website to build your own web offer. No minimum order.
  • Zero stock. We ship your selection of on-demand diffusers to your customers from our warehouse.
  • White label. We ship your diffusers as simply as possible: no communication from us on your package (and we don’t keep your customer data).
  • Connected availability. Thanks to an XML feed, you can see the status of our stocks in real time.
  • 5-year warranty. What about after-sales services for our diffusers? Our diffusers are built to last. But if required, we manage an after-sales service and repairs.
  • Durability objective. All the spare parts of our essential oil diffusers are available (for a really long time) on our website for greater durability.

What pro team can you count on? Find out all about us here.

Quentin, naturopathe - Lille

"Une gamme complète qui renforce vos ventes"

Léa, naturopathe - Bordeaux

"Les clients apprécient de voir des produits différents de ceux proposés par les grands laboratoires d'aromathérapie."

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