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Does your pharmacy offer essential oils and essential oil synergies? Do you want to complement your aromatherapy offer with quality diffusers adapted to all your customers’ needs? From beginner to expert? Are you looking for effective, original, attractive diffusers to create your own aromatherapy range? And create a unique gift offer for the holidays?

For almost 20 years, we’ve been creating aromatherapy diffusion solutions at the cutting edge of technology and design. The biggest names in aromatherapy support us in creating the most efficient diffusers on the market, suitable for all uses. A committed brand, we select noble, durable materials.

For pharmacists and para-pharmacists, we’ve designed a complete catalogue of diffusers and a very flexible turnkey service: 

  • Aromatherapy experts
    Yes, we’re aromatherapy experts and leaders in the diffusion of essential oils on the European market. Why? Because for nearly 20 years, our research & development department has been developing cutting-edge techniques to optimise the diffusion of essential oils and their synergies, with the support of renowned aromatherapists.
  • All diffusion techniques
    Diffusion by ventilation, nebulisation, ultra-nebulisation, ultrasonic, gentle heat… We offer all essential oil diffusion technologies, from the simplest to the most technical. From the lightest to the most powerful.
  • Anticipating needs
    A helping hand to fall asleep? A burst of energy to face your day? A gentle breeze to relax before an important meeting? We develop diffusers to meet all your customers’ needs. From the diffuser gem to the car diffuser and the waiting room diffuser.
  • A taste for beauty
    Highly committed, we select alternatives to all plastics as soon as possible. Ceramics, wood … we love noble materials. Materials that last. And our designers sketch out the purest, most timeless lines possible: looking good also means long-lasting here at Innobiz.
  • Aromatherapy made for you
    What if your aromatherapy range was unlike any other? Diffusers, essential oils, synergies: we develop entire ranges in your image. From design to packaging, we manufacture and then disappear from view to put your pharmacy in the spotlight.

Pharmacists and para-pharmacists: how do we simplify your life to create a complete aromatherapy offer for your pharmacy?

  • Tailor-made catalogue. From our catalogue of essential oil diffusers and consumables, you can create a tailor-made aromatherapy offer for your customers.
  • White label. We create an aromatherapy range in the colours of your pharmacy or pharmacy chain, even for small order quantities.
  • Maximum simplicity. You’re free to order the number of diffusers adapted to your sales area and storage space: we don’t have any minimum order requirements.
  • Flexibility and speed. We deliver to you quickly and at the best price.
  • 5-year warranty. Thanks to our preference for noble materials, our diffusers are made to last. But obviously, in the event of a breakdown, we manage the after-sales service from A to Z.
  • Committed to durability. Because we’re committed to promoting maximum repairability, we guarantee long-term availability of all spare parts for our essential oil diffusers on our website.

To find out more about our team, just click here.

Quentin, naturopathe - Lille

"Une gamme complète qui renforce vos ventes"

Léa, naturopathe - Bordeaux

"Les clients apprécient de voir des produits différents de ceux proposés par les grands laboratoires d'aromathérapie."

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