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Are you a trainer in aromatherapy, phytotherapy or naturopathy? Are you a training organisation specialising in aromatherapy, care or well-being? Do you train future naturopaths, aromatherapists or phytotherapists?

We’re here to stimulate knowledge around aromatherapy and make it easier to learn about essential oils. Our entire team is at your service to decode our range of diffusers and provide you with free samples. But also to help you discover our collections of essential oils and synergies, vegetable oils, hydrosols... 

For you trainers and training organisations, we offer the most complete choice of aromatherapy diffusion technologies: 

  • Choose excellence for your practice
    Want to take advantage of the expertise of leaders in the distribution of essential oils on the European market in your business? Yes, that’s what we offer to facilitate your work. Indeed, for nearly 20 years, our research & development department has been innovating every day in the service of aromatherapy.
  • A team of experts at your side
    How did we become experts in the diffusion of essential oils? For 20 years, we’ve surrounded ourselves with pharmacists passionate about essential oils and renowned aromatherapists. Thanks to their technical support, we create synergies of essential oils and refine our diffusion technologies.
  • The largest choice of diffusion technologies
    We offer all essential oil diffusion technologies in our diffuser catalogue. Whether by ventilation, nebulisation or ultra-nebulisation. Or by gentle heat, capillary action or ultrasonic diffusion. From the simplest to the most sophisticated diffuser, our mission is to meet all needs to help people discover and practise aromatherapy.
  • A complete aromatherapy catalogue
    We also offer ranges of essential oils and synergies of certified organic essential oils with our partners in the south of France. And a whole catalogue inspired by nature: hydrosols, mists, home fragrances, vegetable oils…
  • Partners for the long term
    We supply diffusers to many training centres. What do they like most? Being able to select the diffusers on which they base their teaching, and even becoming distributors themselves. They make their range of diffusers available to students who can easily find them on the market to recommend to their future patients.

Trainers and training organisations in aromatherapy: all our tools to support you in the use and promotion of essential oils...

  • Advice on request. We’re attentive to your needs to help you spread the word about aromatherapy. Choice of diffusers, expert interventions, advice on protocols … don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • Become a distributor. You can build your own catalogue of essential oil diffusers for your training centre. And you can also sell them on to your students. We don’t impose any minimum order requirements, offering advantageous prices (compared to the public price) and quick delivery.
  • Sustainability objective. Innobiz is a committed brand. We eco-design our diffusers: we do away with all plastic to highlight noble, durable materials such as wood and ceramics, for example.
  • Repairability objective. Our diffusers are designed to last, but obviously, in the event of a breakdown, we swing into action. We guarantee long availability of all spare parts. And we take care of repairs, if necessary.

Do you have a question about our diffusers, commitment or team? You’ll find our introductions here.

Quentin, naturopathe - Lille

"Une gamme complète qui renforce vos ventes"

Léa, naturopathe - Bordeaux

"Les clients apprécient de voir des produits différents de ceux proposés par les grands laboratoires d'aromathérapie."

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