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Are you a clinic, residential care home, care centre or hospital? Are you looking to improve the comfort of your patients? Liven up your spaces with a sensory experience? Create a unique atmosphere in your waiting rooms? Promote relaxation in your examination rooms?

Our mission: to support you so that your patients and residents can enjoy all the benefits of aromatherapy every day. In close collaboration with our network of aromatherapy trainers, we’ve developed a range of diffusers and essential oil synergies adapted to your needs.

For your healthcare establishments, we offer turnkey solutions to improve the comfort of your patients and residents:

  • Leader in diffusion and aromatherapy
    For 20 years, we’ve been passionate about aromatherapy and technology.Our expertise: creating innovative solutions to make the diffusion of essential oils more efficient and accessible. We’re also the European leaders in the diffusion of essential oils.
  • Field-based expertise
    We manufacture diffusers for individuals, of course, but also for the largest pharmaceutical laboratories. We work with renowned pharmacists and aromatherapists to improve the performance of our aromatherapy products and protocols.
  • The largest selection on the market
    We’ve developed the largest selection of essential oil diffusers on the market. We offer all existing diffusion techniques: by ventilation, nebulisation and ultra-nebulisation. And even by gentle heat, capillary action and ultrasonic diffusion. For you, it guarantees you’ll find the diffuser that’s perfectly adapted to your needs.
  • Diffusers for medical use
    We obviously offer waterless diffusers (anti-nosocomial disease protocol) compatible with the standards of hygiene and cleaning of products in healthcare establishments.
  • Better everyday comfort
    Yes, aromatherapy can considerably improve the comfort of your patients or residents. Because the benefits of essential oils go beyond simple fragrance. They soothe, they relax, they stimulate... They promote concentration or help you let go. In a word, they can help you improve everyone’s well-being.

Health establishments and residential care homes: how can we simplify your life so your patients enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy?

  • Network of trainers. We’re surrounded by a national network of trainers and partners in aromatherapy, guaranteeing our level of professionalism.
  • No minimum order. You only need one diffuser? We don’t impose a minimum order requirement. You can order according to your needs.
  • Competitiveness. We guarantee you the best professional prices and ultra-fast delivery times.
  • Flexible operation. We know how to adapt to strict payment deadlines (use of a Chorus-type invoice deposit platform).
  • Guaranteed durability. We’re committed to the durability of our products. So we make sure they can be repaired. All spare parts are available on our website (and for a long time).
  • Sharing. Does your team change regularly? We remain at your disposal if you need advice. And our manuals and explanatory videos are available for download on our website.

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Quentin, naturopathe - Lille

"Une gamme complète qui renforce vos ventes"

Léa, naturopathe - Bordeaux

"Les clients apprécient de voir des produits différents de ceux proposés par les grands laboratoires d'aromathérapie."

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