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Do you own a boutique, a concept store, are you a buyer for a chain of stores, a garden centre? A retail website or online store? Do you want to expand the offer of your well-being department with a range of essential oil diffusers? Are you looking for simple, designer or technical diffusers? Decorative diffusers, jewellery diffusers, portable diffusers, high-tech diffusers?

For more than 20 years, we’ve developed the largest catalogue of aromatherapy diffusion solutions. Our objective: to help you create the offer of essential oil diffusers that best reflects your brand personality.

For you, we’ve designed a rich and exclusive offer of essential oil diffusers: 

  • Aromatherapy experts
    For nearly 20 years, we’ve been the leaders in the diffusion of essential oils on the European market. Our mission: to put technology at the service of aromatherapy. To better share it, to better enjoy it. We’re supported by expert aromatherapists.
  • The most comprehensive range of essential oil diffusers
    Small, large, discreet, elegant, cute, bright, openwork? With our team of designers, we’ve created diffusers for all types of needs and all types of interiors. The advantage for you: you can put together a wellness offer in a wide range of styles and prices.
  • Aromatherapy from A to Z
    Thanks to our network of French producers, we also offer a whole range of “consumables”: a complete range of essential oils, mists with essential oils and synergies of certified organic essential oils.
  • One need, one diffuser
    A diffuser to make it easier to fall asleep, relax in the evening, recharge your batteries when driving: we've developed diffusers adapted to all needs and all uses.
  • Create your range from A to Z
    Do you dream of offering an aromatherapy range in your own colours? We develop custom-made diffusers just for you. Design, materials, colours, functions, packaging, instructions: you choose and we’ll manufacture as a white label.

Point of sale, chain of stores, retail site: how can we simplify your life to create a well-being offer that suits you?

  • Your well-being offer. You can freely create your own well-being range with no minimum order.
  • Here to help you choose. Are you getting into aromatherapy? You don't know which diffusers to choose to create a complete, coherent offer? We advise you to create a range that appeals to your target audience.
  • Maximum flexibility. All our products are in stock and can be delivered within 48 hours of order validation.
  • Communication kit. Innobiz provides you with an ultra-operational communication kit for each diffuser (product sheet, technical description, downloadable manual, explanatory video, in-situ photos, image formats compatible with social networks, animated films, etc.).
  • Business booster. Via our newsletter and the sending of free samples, we’re here to give you all our advice and develop your aromatherapy offer.
  • Guaranteed durability. We ensure the availability of spare parts for our diffusers for years. We’re also the only manufacturers on the market to offer a 5-year warranty on all our diffusers.

To find out more about our expertise, philosophy and values, click here.

Quentin, naturopathe - Lille

"A complete range that strengthens your sales"

Léa, naturopathe - Bordeaux

"Customers appreciate seeing products that are different from those offered by the major aromatherapy laboratories."

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