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Vous souhaitez vendre des diffuseurs d’huiles essentielles sous votre marque ?

Vous êtes au bon endroit !

Toutefois, des conditions de vente spécifiques s’appliquent

1. Un minimum de commande indispensable

2. Des délais de livraison allongés

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Distribuer des huiles essentielles et leurs diffuseurs

White paper : The supply of essential oils and their diffusers

In France, aromatherapy generates more than180 million euros turnover, an increase in sales estimated at 15% each year
(Source : OpenHealth)

By browsing this free guide, you will have answers to the following questions :

  • How to sell a diffuser of essential oils?
  • Which range of diffusers to choose?
  • Which essential oils are best selling?
  • How to limit my risk while havinga sufficiently wide range?
  • What are the guarantees of my supplier?
  • How to choose my provider?
35 pages of tips

Why choose INNOBIZ?

An advisor to help you
define your range
during testing

5 years warranty

The only company to offer
5 years warranty
on its products

Ethical, new and
conceptual products
to stand out

A designer manufacturer that
offers products to French
standards and thousands
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