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Manual germinator + free recipe booklet


New product

With My Germinator, you can grow your own flavours

This germinator is definitely not like the others. So easy to use, so attractive to look at that it becomes an essential part of any kitchen. That's why it's called My Germinator.

The design of My Germinator has been a multidisciplinary effort that’s produced an exemplary result. This project brought together seed germination experts, culinary designers and eco-development experts who are always looking to do better for the planet. Everything has been considered, thought out and put together to offer an easy-to-use, attractive germinator that’s easily recycled.

With My Germinator, dishes like salads take on new flavour.

The aesthetics of My Germinator have been particularly carefully designed. As such, the germination grill reveals a series of words via a set of micro-perforations, and it is precisely this diversity in the size of the holes that makes it possible to germinate all types of seeds.

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Data sheet

Product compositionbamboo fiber
Product height16,5 cm
Product widthØ 9 cm
Depth of the product12,5 cm
Product weight400 g
Recommended retail price (TTC) recommended by the manufacturer29,95 €
Manufacturer Warranty5 years
EAN Code3700471000338

More info

My Germinator: so easy to use

My Germinator with its three parts - the lower bowl, the germinating grill and the upper bowl - covers the whole seed germination cycle, from their "awakening" to enjoying them on a salad. 1, 2, 3, your seeds are germinated! In 3 phases, with My Germinator, it’s simple and easy to germinate all varieties of seeds so you can enjoy them.

  1. In the lower bowl, soak 2 to 3 spoonfuls of seeds for between 8 and 12 hours.

  2. Spread the seeds on the germination tray with a little space between them to let them grow and develop. Then cover with the upper bowl and water 3 times a day for 3 to 5 days, depending on the variety.
    For mucilaginous seeds (watercress, flax, rocket, mustard), simply ensure that the roots are always soaked in water, no need to cover.

  3. Once the seeds have sprouted, the upper bowl lets you enjoy them directly in a hearty salad. You only need to add seasoning!

how to grow your seeds

My Germinator, so attractive to look at

Its design is uncluttered, its shape simple, the colour echoing slightly grey sandy soil. Everything has been considered down to the last detail. Make it attractive, sure, but make it simple, practical and efficient first and foremost.

My Germinator takes the form of two bowls of Asian inspiration placed one on top of the other. This harmonious shape has been designed to provide the perfect amount of water and guarantee rapid growth of mucilaginous seeds. Likewise, the size of the holes on the upper bowl lets in just the right amount of air and light for the seeds to sprout, neither too much nor too little.

My Germinator, so easy to recycle

My Germinator has a holistic design Making an attractive object is a good thing, but making one that also looks after the environment is better still. My Germinator is made of 60% bamboo powder, making it easy to recycle.

Plenty of thought was put into considering the value of bamboo powder. Mixed with food melamine, it produces a healthy, durable germinator with a particularly smooth feel. Simple hand or machine cleaning gets rid of any impurities.

Without doubt the most attractive germinator, but also the smartest!

  • Eco-friendly manual germinator for all types of seeds
  • Made primarily from recycled bamboo
  • Very easy to use
  • Guaranteed PVC-, phthalate- and BPA-free
  • Free recipe booklet with a value of 4.95€
  • Easy cleaning

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