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batch of 6 100% pure and natural, organic Italian helichrysum essential oil, 5ml


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The aroma of Italian helichrysum essential oil is spicy, reminiscent of curry.

It is mainly used on bruises and bumps, as well as for its skin regeneration, healing and septic capacities.

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  • Latin name: Helichrysum italicum
  • Origin: France
  • Distilled part: Flowering tops
  • Extraction method: Steam distillation
  • Chemotype: Neryl acetate
  • Cultivation: Organic farming
  • Colour: Orange-yellow

Benefits of Italian helichrysum essential oil

  • Bruises, bumps, wounds and oedema
  • Rosacea, varicose veins, keloid scars, cold hands and feet, and Raynaud's disease
  • Wrinkles
  • Any tendon and muscle problems
  • Shock and emotional upsets

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