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batch of 6 100% pure and natural, organic palmarosa essential oil, 10ml


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The aroma of palmarosa essential oil is sweet and flowery, with notes of geranium and rose.

This essential oil is mainly used in cosmetics, but also as a very mild anti-infective tonic with a broad range of action (bacteria, viruses, fungi).

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  • Latin name: Cymbopogon martini
  • Origin: India
  • Part used: Leaves
  • Extraction method: Steam distillation
  • Chemotype: Geraniol, geranyl acetate
  • Cultivation: Organic farming
  • Colour: Pale yellow

Benefits of palmarosa essential oil

  • Respiratory infections: nasopharyngitis, sinusitis, ear infections and bronchitis
  • Urogenital infections: urethritis, cystitis, vaginitis and salpingitis
  • Intestinal infections: bacterial and viral enteritis
  • Dermatology: dry and oozing eczema, and white staphylococcus acne
  • Fatigue

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