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Batch of 8 Kaolia: Ultrasonic diffuser

With its undeniable Japanese style and singular square shape, the Kaolia stands out from other diffusers on the market.

Its openwork grill and light wood will fit perfectly into your interior design, giving it a Zen touch.

Description du pack

KAOLIA: Essential oil diffuser by misting

The benefits of aromatherapy and the elegance of wood

Lift up the Kaolia’s grill and pour in some water and a few drops of essential oils, touch the touch-sensitive keys on its oak wood frame and instantly enjoy a moment of pure relaxation.

Aromatherapy and soft coloured light

The Kaolia, inspired by the Japanese zen garden, diffuses your essential oils in a delicate mist of scent and comes alive with a pleasant luminous ambiance of changing colours, which brings a final zen touch to this irresistible, authentic diffuser.

You can choose between 2 diffusion programmes (continuous or alternating ""10sec ON, 10sec OFF"").

The Kaolia automatically shuts off after diffusing the entire mixture of water and essential oil.

  • A Kaolia diffuser
  • Instructions
  • A mains adapter

Contenu du pack

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Product height70 mm
Product width145 mm
Depth of the product145 mm
Recommended retail price (TTC) recommended by the manufacturer44,90 €
EAN Code3700471000420
HS code8479899790
Pays d'origineChina