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Batch of 12 Tivalia: Box 3 inhalers

Box 3 inhalers of essential oil

Stylish inhalers at last! This box with its soft, delicate colours contains 3 inhalers.

x 12

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Description du pack

Each of these inhalers is marked with a symbol: a rocket to symbolise energy, a meditation posture to call relaxation to mind, and a bird for the desire to breathe better. 
The aim? To make the use of essential oils ever more accessible.

After pouring a few drops of essential oils onto the cotton wick, you have your synergy of essential oils immediately to hand.

An ideal gift box to offer anyone who dreams of discovering the benefits of aromatherapy!

  • A precious gift: help everyone discover the benefits of essential oils in an elegant box.
  • Accessibility: the easiest way to take your first steps in aromatherapy and the best value-for-money possible!
  • Complementary: a gift box to go with your essential oils and essential oil synergies also available to buy.

Contenu du pack

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Product height30mm
Product width120mm
Depth of the product105mm
Product weight120g
EAN Code3700471010559
HS code3307900000
Pays d'origineChina